Caribbean's Finest Rum recipe was first developed by artisan distillers at a rum factory in Cuba in the 1960's. Now Caribbean's Finest Rums are distilled and bottled with a much better modern process in the Dominican Republic.

Our unique label represents a tobacco leaf in commemoration to all those tobacco fields lost to sugar cane growing to produce rum, due to the new non-smoking laws in various countries Dominican Republic export their premium tobacco and cigars.

What is the difference between other flavored rums and us?

Here are the facts: We are 35% by volume / 70 proof on our flavors, and 40% by volume / 80 proof on our Blanc Rum, and on our 8yrs aged in American Bourbon seasoned barrels. We age our flavor Rum over 12 months in American Oak barrels acquiring a deep amber color from aging. We then filter it through mineral water filters to remove impurities. this process brings the rum back to clear, all natural flavors are then added. We source our flavors at the peak of ripeness from unique fruits only found in the Dominican Republic. This aging, filtering, and flavoring process produces a smooth full flavored artisan style rum.

Drink Responsibly & Don't Drink and Drive !!




   Our rum is distilled utilizing continuous distillation or a column still which is a variety of a still consisting of two columns, Invented in 1826 by Robert Stein, the design was enhanced and patented in 1831 by Aeneas Coffey. The column still consists of two columns, one of which has steam rising and wash descending through successive storeys inside (referred to as the Rectifier). The steam strips out the alcohol from the wash and the alcohol is carried over to the second column ( referred to as the Analyzer) where it circulates until it can condense at the required strength.


A. Analyzer
B. Rectifier

1. Wash
2. Steam
3. Liquid Out
4. Alcohol Vapor
5. Recycled Less Volatile Components
6. Most Volatile Components
7. Condenser





In the Puerto Plata bottling plant at the north part of the island, we have the capacity of bottling 1.5 million cases a year. That is 125,000 cases a month, 4,166 cases a day, making this facility one of the most modern and fastest bottling production lines on the island.




Caribbean’s Finest Rum is aged in American oak barrels for a minimum of 2 years for our white rum followed by our 4, 6, 8, 12 and 18 years Grand Reserve. People have been aging liquor in oak barrels for centuries. Oak imparts new flavors into the spirit giving the drink more body, flavor, and smoothness.